Join me on my journey!

A head~on collision changed my life. See these pictures? They are my “before” pictures.



After the wreck, not so pretty. My face was destroyed as were my pearly whites. I also broke my left arm humerus bone…still waiting for the punchline. There were many surgeries to put everything back together but nothing was ever right. Just “good enough.” After all the injuries and the healing, the self~esteem disappeared as well. Oh, did I mention the hypothyroid disease that came about because of the trauma to my body? Not a fun disease. It makes you have zero metabolism and a lot of weight gain.

I have 4 Grandchildren now. I am not in a lot of pictures with them because I look at the pictures that do exist and they make me shudder. You know what the worst part was? Seeing somebody I knew that I hadn’t seen since before the wreck and they didn’t recognize me. They walked right past me and I continued on my way. I also saw another person I knew before the wreck and the whole time we were talking, I thought they were OK with the face and body. That’s what they said anyways. But after I left them, I never heard from them again. I was put on total ignore. Superficial of this person? Yes. Just an ass? Definitely yes. I guess they couldn’t see how badly I was silently hoping that they could accept me as I was. Those experiences shattered the little bit of self~esteem I had left.

Back in the day, I would have never “silently hoped” for anything, from anyone. I was self~confident. I easily walked away from people flicking my hair and saying PFFTT! if they didn’t see my worth.

Well enough is enough! I’m ready to take back that life and kick some ass in this game of life. Follow me as I learn to eat healthy, go through tortuous workouts and the long awaited surgeries that will help me to smile again.

I have a game plan. In this blog you will watch me rebuild my life and be the person I once was.

Game Plan:

Make healthy meals at home.

See how many restaurants that serve healthy meals I can find and post pictures.

Build an outside gym because a regular gym is an hour drive one way.

Save money and sell whatever I have to pay for the plastic surgery I need.

And get that self~esteem back!

Oh…hold on…were you hoping for an “after” picture of the wreck?

Not yet. I’m not THAT brave yet!