Still working it

Another 2 pounds gone since the other day! Yayy me! Yeah it’s coming off in small amounts right now but it’s also never coming back. So I’m good with it.

I started hanging up printed pictures of my “before” pictures to remind me when my whole body is burning and shaking from working out, WHY I’m doing it. I’m taking my life back. Inside, I feel like the old me is dying to come out, but as soon as I see a mirror or a reflection of myself in a store window, which I really try to avoid at all costs right now, the old me kind of slithers away again. It’s disheartening.

I still have items listed on ebay if you know anyone interested in soap or candle supplies and packaging and other stuff as well.

I’m not giving up on getting the money together for this. I want ME back and I’m determined to get her.

ebay listings…are you a woman’s size 10 and looking for some really cute ankle boots? Never worn! Size 10. Only 8 bucks.



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