Plastic Surgery, I’m doing it.

My face isn’t aligned right after that wreck. I will be doing plastic surgery this year to have it fixed. I prefer to call it reconstruction surgery since he will make it right. I was talking to a 22 year today and when I said I was going under the knife to make my face right he said, “But you look beautiful.” I am sending his mother flowers on Mother’s Day and thanking her for raising such a nice young man. I’ve never met his mother but she deserves them.

I’ve done a few years of research on what needs to be done to my face. I wanted the right surgeon to do it. And I’ve found him. I’m really excited and his words to me in our conversation made me want to fly to him that day and have it done. I would have if I could have but this weight has to be gone first. I don’t want him working on a fat face.

Just really excited about all of this.


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