My exercise equipment

I am building an outside gym as I mentioned earlier. I have 10 acres and I don’t have the patience to drive 60 miles each way to the closest gym. Once my car gets on the highway it is programmed to go shopping and I need to do more than walk carrying bags out of different stores.

So here is what I have so far…


Every time I walk out the door I have to jump through these tires 10 times.


My land is dirt and sand. I pour some of it in this wheelbarrow and push it, trying to run faster each time. Can you hear the Rocky Balboa theme song yet?

I have this new bike too and was told by my future surgeon to find hills and ride. I have found a few and I’m determined to get to the top of those damn hills! I’m glad this bike has gears at least. Notice no basket. I’m not playing around here!


I also have these that love to go for walks….

bella12 sheena12

I have a workshop that is cleaned out now. I have been bringing in the equipment that needs to be indoors.

workshop 1-2014 007

Nobody can hear me screaming in there. It helps to have no neighbors. This is what I have so far…


And that’s it so far. I want to get a boxing bag. Is it wrong of me to want to put a particular face on that bag?

I wonder if planting 90 trees counts, especially the way I’ll be watering them…

water system 001

I have to push this pipe 3 feet into the ground for a deep root watering. For 90 trees. If all goes well, I will have this…

trees 002 trees 003

Grow into this…

Red-Maple_1-867 big green trees

If anyone has any ideas on more outside equipment that I can make, Rocky Balboa style, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it!


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